Financial reporting in Excel

Want to…

  • Control your budgets ?
  • Analyse and compare your actual figures with your budgeted figures ?
  • Improve monitoring of your cash flow budget ?

We can create customized financial reporting templates for you in Excel. For a free presentation without obligation or for further information, please contact us on 0848 711 266 or via our contact form.

Model budget tool developed in Excel

This allows you to identify variances between your actual accounting figures and those in your budget: 1) Import with a macro vba your figure ! automaticaly, it recognize the month and your balance 2) You import your actual figures (monthly or quarterly) 3) Variances between your budgets and your actual figures are automatically displayed

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Of course this budget model tool is only one example of what can be done. We can also parametrize the following data:

  • Importing of all your data entries (automatic filing in various tables as appropriate)
  • Integration of a dashboard
  • Importing of your data
  • Cumulative budget and month by month budget
  • Importing of your accounting plan (directly from your software)
  • Comparison n-1
  • Dynamic monthly analysis
  • etc…



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