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The Excel macro is a computer language in which a large list of words defines an action in Excel. In the 2007 and 2010 Excel versions, the Excel macro codes are found in the “Developper/Visual Basic” tab in the Excel menu. To display this tab you have to select it from the Excel options. In the 2003 version it can be accessed either via a button in the toolbar or directly from the menu.

Excel macros allows you to save time

The use of Excel macros allows you to make considerable time savings on the tasks to be automated. When carrying out repetitive tasks in a table for example, you can create an Excel macro so that these self-execute automatically by means of a button designated for this purpose.

A few examples of what can be achieved with an Excel macro :

  • Automatic updating of various results or databases, with customized formatting. When selecting a specific criterion in a scrolling list, for example, the result is automatically calculated and displayed.
  • Automatic generation of several Excel files from the same model, with automatic registering of the name of the Excel file generated (the names are taken from a list in a tab in the base model).
  • Automatic formatting of a dynamic crossed table or other type of table following the entry of new data.
  • Protecting and/or unprotecting of one or more Excel spreadsheets.
  • Automatic opening of a page in an Excel file directly from the desired tab.
  • Creation of buttons for navigating in one or more Excel tables and activating a repetitive task.
  • Creation of dialogue boxes (UserForm) allowing you to enter data into different databases.
  • etc.

These are only a small sample of the possibilities offered by Excel macros !



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