Develop your region as Excel Consultant ! is leader in Excel tool development, search to develop its business in the form of Excel consultant independent.

Our business model is to help companies to develop solutions Excel thanks to our models and our know-how as developers on Excel. Thanks to more than 20 years of experience, more 800 development of project on Excel tailor-made and macro, we can offer a quality service and efficiency.

  • Do you like work with Excel ?
  • Good knowledge about management and business ?
  • Customer-oriented ?

Actually, Geneve – Lausanne  and Fribourg are full.

Open Aera : Neuchâtel – Bern – Basel  – Zurich,

and also other country !

Skills required :

  • Knowledge about business
  • Excel advanced (not necessary the vba)
  • Good presentation

Your advantage :

  • Training on the way of market our know-how
  • Exclusivity on your region / canton
  • Good customer references
  • Website professional and all the update
  • Developpment Marketing, newsletter, logo, and more

Contact us by sending your CV, and we will talk about the condition do get this opportunity to open your business at

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