Packgestion ; the Excel software for Billing

Developed by an accountant and both Mac and PC compatible, our small business management programme Packgestion gives you an overview of all your company’s liquid assets (including a cash flow budget) and allows you to manage your debtors and creditors and all current orders. It also includes a book on accounting.

Simple to use, our small business management software has the advantage of managing five Excel files at the same time, which are all linked:

Packgestion can be tailor made !

Price : EUR 250.00 HT + TVA
or approx. CHF 310.00 TTC

  • Operating account (simple trading figures)
  • Debtor management
  • Creditor management
  • Accounting book (bank and cash)
  • Current orders (inflow forecasts)
  • Cash flow budget (monthly)

Request demo version

At the same time you can buy our Packgestion support package for training in this software. We shall give you a presentation on the use of this tool by remote connection.

Packgestion is in Excel format. By simple request, we can tailor it to your company’s activities and implement the data that you need in your field of activity (statistics, graphs, analyses etc.)
This programme has been developed in Excel format, which explains its appealing price and its scope for adaptation to your company’s requirements and day-to-day running.

A programme that saves you from having to enter data twice !

Packgestion saves you time by avoiding double data entry and errors. All of the files are linked, thus ginving you a clear overview of the state of your business by entering your data only once.



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